Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Art Project

A few days ago, I bought a plain wooden frame from Jo-Ann's Fabric. Guess what I did with it!

Before: a plain wooden frame.

After: A one-of-a-kind 1920s -inspired frame full of glitz and glamour! I just wanted to do something fun with it.

I added some "oomph" to this with glitters. This frame took 7-10 hours to complete, from the beginning to the end.

It is water-resistant, everything is acid-free so the photo that it will one day hold, will never be damaged.

Here was how I did it:

Note: the pictures should already be measured to fit the frame. Do this first.

1. You will need: a wooden frame; scrapbook paper in several different designs; pictures of the subject matters that you want to feature (I printed mine out from the Internet); glitter glue, and water-resistant Collage Pauge with the matte finish.

2. Tear your scrapbook paper up into strips of different lengths and widths, and glue them to the frame using Collage Pauge (CP), and then apply a layer of the CP on top of that.

3. Attach the pictures with CP, and apply another layer on top of that, too.

4. Apply glitters around each picture.

Tips and hints:

The pictures and scrap paper that you use will affect the "tone" of the frame. For instance, 1940s pinup pictures will create the retro bombshell look, while Victorian-era prints can help create a tone of nostalgic elegance.


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